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A replica of the library from Jorge Luis Borges' story The Library of Babel. Every single book in one massive library, all crammed into a 20MB download. No render distance limit, gaze off into infinity. Everything is generated in real-time.

Minimum specs:

  • Resolution = 720p
  • Computer = yes

(If things are slow, turn off shadows)

Made in Godot

See the source on Github

Some related projects:


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Total_Library_win64.zip 15 MB
Total_Library_linux64.zip 16 MB
Total-Library-source-1.0.0.zip 5 MB


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Really coooool 

Good Job bro


Would it at all be possible to have an app like this where it can access all of my ebooks from a folder and allow me to browse my library in a virtual 3d library.

Sure, it would take a decent amount of work but you could probably reuse some of the components from this. There's a link to the source in the description for anyone sufficiently motivated.

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It would be really nice if there was a search function like on the website. But I'm very happy with what you were able to accomplish here.


Really cool and eerie!

No Mac? :(


Unfortunately I don't have a mac to build or test it out on.

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i liked there was no "backrooms monster" trope that i've seen in a lot of liminal space video games. it was still successful in making me feel unease. only issue i had was that i got stuck on the stairs a few times and had to reset


Yeah, sorry about that. It's really difficult to get the collisions right on spiral staircases. There are a few invisible boxes to stop you getting wedged, and I'm not quite sure what else I can do.

Thanks for taking a look!